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Taekwondo Training Android App – FREE

A handy Taekwondo Training Aid App made by me.



General Thoery
Meaning of Colour Belts
Theory or Power
Styles and Organisations
Ranks, Belts and Promotions


Dojang Terminology
Tul Stances and Techniques
Hand Techniques
Foot Techniques
Ground Techniques
Body Parts
Vital Spots
Human Vital Spots
Additional Korean Terminology

Colour Belt Pattern Videos

Saju Jurigi
Saju Makgi
Chon Gi
Dan Gun
Do San
Won Hyo
Yul Gok
Joon Gun
Toi Gye
Hwa Wrang
Choong Moo

Black Belt Patterns

1st Dan

Kwang Gae
Po Eun
Ge Baek

2nd Dan

Eui Am
Choon Jang
Ko Dang

3rd Dan

Sam Il
Yoo Sin
Choi Yong
* Needs and internet connection to view the videos *



1 Difference between TAGB and ITF

I was in the TAGB for 2 years and got my Blue Belt, I have now changed over to the ITF and just gained my red tag.

I have found 1 significant difference between the 2 types of taekwondo.

The TAGB say they teach traditional taekwondo, which means it has not changed over the years, but the ITF has progressed the art with the times.

The difference between the 2 is the ITF have introduced the SINE wave to produce more power with your punches, blocks and kicks, where as the TAGB still use the hip twist.

Here a couple of videos of General Choi Hong Hi explaining the SINE wave movement.